PowerEdge::RAC - Remotely manage your PowerEdges with Perl

PowerEdge::RAC supplies some functions that people may find useful to remotely manage Dell PowerEdge servers that have a RAC card installed. Like for example PowerEdge 1650, PowerEdge 1750, PowerEdge 2600 and PowerEdge 2650. For PowerEdge 4600, use the development version of RAC.pm on this page.

The PowerEdge::RAC module acts as a client to the RAC card's built-in webserver. The module can be run from any networked computer that has the required Perl modules installed. A simple script on that computer can, using this module, remotely power on and off the PowerEdge server, read its RAC logs and sensors like Fan speed, CPU and Backplane temperatures and various voltages. The latest version can also be used to update the RAC firmware.

Which operating system is on the managed machine doesn't really matter (but the graceshutdown function does require an OS that is supported by Dell). For the management host people have reported success on installing PowerEdge::RAC and the required modules on FreeBSD, Win32, Debian, RedHat and SuSE Linux distributions.



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